Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Busy Week!

Our concreting was completed this week and we are really pleased with how it's turned out. They have done such a neat job, there isn't one splash on our bricks. There are a few different heights involved and the slope they have done to link them together is great. We are both really impressed with the work. The colour is not exactly the same as that already present in the laundry portico, but we knew that was probably going to be the case.

You can't really see the slope down to the
fence, but trust me, it's good!

We plan to screen the HWS and I have a table and chairs set
to go under the splashback window

Garage door to back fence

Really should take some photos now the boxing is removed...

Unexpectedly our back fence also finally got rewired last week. I say unexpectedly as although we had been talking to our neighbour about it since Christmas, and actively pursuing it for over two months, we didn't realise it was actually getting done on Wednesday. It hasn't actually been replaced, but new wire has been installed to the back part of the posts with extra layers of barbed wire put in as we have experienced a few of their cows getting into our backyard! It wasn't really cosmetic for us, so we have no intention of removing the old, rusty, saggy fencing, it can help keep out our other neighbours dog!
This weekend Stu dug a drain to help divert some of the water from bogging up our backyard and I planted 30 plants on the batter. This time it was a combination of Lomandra, Austral Indigo, Tasman Flax Lily, Goodenia, Bulbine Lily, Sweet Bursia, Hop Bitter Pea, Kangaroo Apple, Lightwood and more Callistemons. I have left approximately 2 metres on the batter unplanted so we can drop trailer loads of dirt over it, which worked so well last time, so much easier then hand shovelling out the trailer! I have also planted some Lomandra near the septic alarm light and put some Hair pin Banksia and another Bulbine Lily in the rock garden between the house and the path. Quite exciting, whilst planting out the batter I came across 3 natives that have popped up and in great places. Yay! Stu also started pushing more dirt around the backyard to match up the new path level.

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