Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nothings been happening

So from the big prediction of a busy two weeks it has been an extremely slow week. The only thing that has been done is the screeding of the shower bases, and the previously warped back porch window has been fixed and propped in place ready for the bricks to be finished. The builder said that some more eaves have been lined, but I didn't notice any changes there.
I am so disappointed that the drainage hasn't been completed. The start of the week was generally pretty clear, and from Wednesday onwards it was wet, cold and miserable. The builder advised that the plumber elects to do roofing work on the clearer days, which I understand completely. But to not come on the rainy days kind of leaves me wondering how we will ever get him to do the drainage if clear days need to get used elsewhere and wet days make things too hard. Also the longer the drainage gets left, the worse the problem becomes.We just wish that the drainage had been completed when the site cut was done like our nextdoor neighbours (who are currently moving in!), then we wouldn't be having such an issue, and additionally shouldn't be having to fix up the driveway at this stage already.
Speaking of which, several loads of recycled concrete were brought out Friday, and Stuart spent the day today moving the sand pile, doing some more drainage, and spreading out the concrete delivered. We are expecting more to be delivered on Monday, so hopefully this should alleviate the difficulties.
Probably should mention the earthquake we experienced on Tuesday evening. It measured 5.2 and the epicentre was approx 20km away from here. It was pretty impressive and we were worried that the existing cracks in the slab may have opened up more, but all appears to be fine thankfully. I have only been out there briefly since it happened though, so haven't done a thorough check but I don't think there should be any problems.

Looking much better now

close up of the problem area with new drain from the front of the shed

Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's all happening now

Not a lot happened at the house after lock up due to everyone experiencing difficulties in getting equipment to the house. The polisher finally came towards the end of the week, but managed to get bogged and not get his heavy equipment unloaded. The HWS people also turned back. We have ordered another 6 trucks worth of recycled concrete to reinforce the driveway and hopefully this should make things easier. This should be happening at the start of the week, hope it doesn't get put off like it did last time.
We had a meeting with our builder on Saturday, and there is a lot about to happen.
Early this week the plumber is finally going to do some drainage work around the house which should also help a bit, and Glen thinks that the excavator may be used to lift the polishers heavy equipment into the house too. The water tanks should hopefully get connected by the end of this week as well, will be great seeing some of this water collected.
The tiler is ready to start doing some screeding and the painter is ready for everyone else to be done!
Meanwhile Dan the fit out man has been working there all weekend, and has managed to put architrave, skirting and cupboard doors up in the girls bedrooms and laundry, and also do the doors in our section, and the skirting and architrave in our room and the WIR. I am really surprised at how different this makes the rooms look. He won't be able to finish the fit out until the concrete has been finished.
So providing the access issue can get sorted, the next few weeks are set to be pretty busy.
We now have to pick our garage door type, and do up some drawings on how we want our cupboards to be set out.
Managed to get a couple of lights yesterday, and are getting closer to a decision on the remaining lights. This lighting decision is really doing my head in, and so far has been the only thing I haven't enjoyed choosing.
Rather then tracking mud through the house today I walked around with only my socks on. It's a pretty cold day and my feet didn't even feel chilled! Looks like our thermal mass is doing its job :D

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lock Up!

The house is officially at lock up today with the brickies finishing their work on the house structure. The only thing they have left to do is the remainder of the veranda wall outside the laundry. They did the bottom part, went to install the window and found it bowed out of shape, so will have to come back once it has been replaced.
The only parts of our house not with permanent coverings on it are the small triangle near the front entry and one between the house and garage roof. Looking forward to these bits getting done soon.
The polisher has still to show up - surprise surprise, I was told it would definitely be done by yesterday..meanwhile there's been a big delivery of our doors and I presume the archs and skirts as well but didn't really bother looking to closely to confirm this.

front view

looking down from Master

Back view from master WIR

back view looking up - with garage cut out of picture

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I've been getting quite a few questions about Timbercrete so thought it worthwhile dedicating a post to it.
Unlike conventional clay fired bricks, timbercrete takes a lot less energy to produce as there is no firing involved in the production, it is made with timber waste and concrete, and needs time to cure before use. Timbercrete is also capable of absorbing and containing carbon gases. It exceeds the highest possible fire rating, is impervious to termites and rot, has a higher thermal rating then standard bricks - and it's bullet proof  too!! Which I freely admit was not of high priority when we were deciding what to build our house with.  Please don't test this one out by taking pot shots at our house, if you would like to see video of bricks being shot then watch the video on this page it will also give you more info about timbercrete.
We also liked that this is an Australian designed and manufactured product. They are hand made in Echuca. There are a variety of sizes, colours and even brick shapes to choose from. We decided to go smooth faced sandstone and couldn't believe our luck when there was someone local who was interested in onselling enough for our house due to changes in circumstance. As far as we are aware, there are only 3-4 other Timbercrete structures locally.

So Timbercrete manages to tick the environmentally friendly box and look good at the same time, and we are really pleased with how our house is looking.

Close up of one of our blocks

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cornice started

We now have cornice up in the master bedroom, ensuite, WIR, WIP and the powder room. The square set to the living areas has also been completed. It's looking so good.

Master bedroom

Dining and Kitchen from Master doorway. Door on the left is the WIP,
door on the right is the passage

The bricks are really coming along too. They had the saw break down on them on Thursday so lost a lot of good time - and good weather - but were up and running again for Friday. As I was leaving the block around lunchtime today, the final 4 pallets of Timbercrete arrived. The brickie is hoping that the bricks will be finished by the end of next week which would make us at lock up!

Not much blue left now...

Stuart is out there today spreading all the delivered recycled concrete and attempting to turn it into more driveway. He can't quite do it how we want to as there are a couple of sand deliveries for the concretors still in the way.