Saturday, 23 June 2012

Nothings been happening

So from the big prediction of a busy two weeks it has been an extremely slow week. The only thing that has been done is the screeding of the shower bases, and the previously warped back porch window has been fixed and propped in place ready for the bricks to be finished. The builder said that some more eaves have been lined, but I didn't notice any changes there.
I am so disappointed that the drainage hasn't been completed. The start of the week was generally pretty clear, and from Wednesday onwards it was wet, cold and miserable. The builder advised that the plumber elects to do roofing work on the clearer days, which I understand completely. But to not come on the rainy days kind of leaves me wondering how we will ever get him to do the drainage if clear days need to get used elsewhere and wet days make things too hard. Also the longer the drainage gets left, the worse the problem becomes.We just wish that the drainage had been completed when the site cut was done like our nextdoor neighbours (who are currently moving in!), then we wouldn't be having such an issue, and additionally shouldn't be having to fix up the driveway at this stage already.
Speaking of which, several loads of recycled concrete were brought out Friday, and Stuart spent the day today moving the sand pile, doing some more drainage, and spreading out the concrete delivered. We are expecting more to be delivered on Monday, so hopefully this should alleviate the difficulties.
Probably should mention the earthquake we experienced on Tuesday evening. It measured 5.2 and the epicentre was approx 20km away from here. It was pretty impressive and we were worried that the existing cracks in the slab may have opened up more, but all appears to be fine thankfully. I have only been out there briefly since it happened though, so haven't done a thorough check but I don't think there should be any problems.

Looking much better now

close up of the problem area with new drain from the front of the shed

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