Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cornice started

We now have cornice up in the master bedroom, ensuite, WIR, WIP and the powder room. The square set to the living areas has also been completed. It's looking so good.

Master bedroom

Dining and Kitchen from Master doorway. Door on the left is the WIP,
door on the right is the passage

The bricks are really coming along too. They had the saw break down on them on Thursday so lost a lot of good time - and good weather - but were up and running again for Friday. As I was leaving the block around lunchtime today, the final 4 pallets of Timbercrete arrived. The brickie is hoping that the bricks will be finished by the end of next week which would make us at lock up!

Not much blue left now...

Stuart is out there today spreading all the delivered recycled concrete and attempting to turn it into more driveway. He can't quite do it how we want to as there are a couple of sand deliveries for the concretors still in the way.


  1. The square set cornice looks awesome. So awesome that I cant see it! Are you supposed to be able to see it? I adore the no cornice look

    1. LOL Thanks! Square set is the no cornice look. The walls butt straight onto the ceiling :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ash. When are you going to update yours again???