Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's all happening now

Not a lot happened at the house after lock up due to everyone experiencing difficulties in getting equipment to the house. The polisher finally came towards the end of the week, but managed to get bogged and not get his heavy equipment unloaded. The HWS people also turned back. We have ordered another 6 trucks worth of recycled concrete to reinforce the driveway and hopefully this should make things easier. This should be happening at the start of the week, hope it doesn't get put off like it did last time.
We had a meeting with our builder on Saturday, and there is a lot about to happen.
Early this week the plumber is finally going to do some drainage work around the house which should also help a bit, and Glen thinks that the excavator may be used to lift the polishers heavy equipment into the house too. The water tanks should hopefully get connected by the end of this week as well, will be great seeing some of this water collected.
The tiler is ready to start doing some screeding and the painter is ready for everyone else to be done!
Meanwhile Dan the fit out man has been working there all weekend, and has managed to put architrave, skirting and cupboard doors up in the girls bedrooms and laundry, and also do the doors in our section, and the skirting and architrave in our room and the WIR. I am really surprised at how different this makes the rooms look. He won't be able to finish the fit out until the concrete has been finished.
So providing the access issue can get sorted, the next few weeks are set to be pretty busy.
We now have to pick our garage door type, and do up some drawings on how we want our cupboards to be set out.
Managed to get a couple of lights yesterday, and are getting closer to a decision on the remaining lights. This lighting decision is really doing my head in, and so far has been the only thing I haven't enjoyed choosing.
Rather then tracking mud through the house today I walked around with only my socks on. It's a pretty cold day and my feet didn't even feel chilled! Looks like our thermal mass is doing its job :D

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  1. OOOOOOOh how exciting! All the fun stuff is happening.

    Yay for thermal mass!