Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lock Up!

The house is officially at lock up today with the brickies finishing their work on the house structure. The only thing they have left to do is the remainder of the veranda wall outside the laundry. They did the bottom part, went to install the window and found it bowed out of shape, so will have to come back once it has been replaced.
The only parts of our house not with permanent coverings on it are the small triangle near the front entry and one between the house and garage roof. Looking forward to these bits getting done soon.
The polisher has still to show up - surprise surprise, I was told it would definitely be done by yesterday..meanwhile there's been a big delivery of our doors and I presume the archs and skirts as well but didn't really bother looking to closely to confirm this.

front view

looking down from Master

Back view from master WIR

back view looking up - with garage cut out of picture


  1. Wooohooo congratulations, what lovely glass you have!

    Its looking like a real house, how exciting. I bet you are becoming impatient! (I know I am)

  2. Thanks again!

    It's exciting to see it looking like a house that's for sure. It suddenly feels like it's all happening so fast too. Will enjoy it more once our house here is sold