Sunday, 1 July 2012

Slow progress

This week the bathrooms have been waterproofed, the brickie's returned and completed the back porch and made some adjustments to our garage step, the eaves were lined, the spa bath delivered and a few more internal doors and cupboards were installed.
The plumber of course didn't show. We had another meeting with Glen on Thursday morning, he assured us yet again that the plumber would be there on Monday. Maybe this time he will - third time lucky? Glen also believes that the polishing should get started this week, once again though I won't believe it until I see it. We are so anxious to get our tanks hooked up. We are supposed to be living there in 9 weeks and still have no water collected.
The electrician was out yesterday locating cables in the roof, and Stu will be out there again later today spreading more of the stones which were delivered on Monday. He started some of it during the week, but hasn't had the chance to do any more yet.

Steps from garage to house, will look much better clean!

The spa bath..currently in Paige's room

study nook doors open
study nook doors closed
back porch

back porch and eaves


  1. Oh wow, that study nook is seeeeexxxxxyyyy! Love the doors. Such a fantastic idea, any mess goes away when you close the doors.

    Is it deep enough to accommodate a chair when it is pushed under the desk?

  2. It better be!! In theory the desk is supposed to curve in a little so the chair can be pushed under and the doors closed. Our study is always the messiest room at our current house, so as you say, will be great to shut it all away. Just have to make sure the path to the front door isn't too close to the window so people can't see in!