Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Alfresco concreted

Our alfresco, front porch and back porch have now been concreted in 'pompeii' flyash concrete. We chose the colour to match the inside floor, I didn't really think about seeing the colour from the front of the house, but I think it has come up alright.
front view
close up of back porch concrete
The breakfast bar is now in, the upstand is a bit longer then I expected but I think it looks great. Can't wait to see it with the benchtops on.

sink will be to the far right
The cabinet in the powder room has been replaced and all the basins have been installed and so is the laundry trough
powder room


laundry - also has cupboard doors now
The painters have still not returned, but are expected back tomorrow. The HWS is finally installed, and they have upgraded our storage tank to Stainless as a freebie.
The wardrobe inners are all completed and are waiting to be installed which will happen after the painters do their thing.
Stuart and I have to finalise what is to go above the fridge tonight, I'm thinking an open shelf so I have a place to display a few objects, and that's about it for now.


  1. Looking fantastic, can't wait to see it for real, the outsideview of alfresco areas is really nice to look at