Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Paint started

Paint finally got started on Friday of last week, but when we looked on the weekend, they hadn't even managed to undercoat all of the ceiling which was a bit disappointing. They have now done undercoat on all the ceilings, most walls and lots of the skirting and archs as well. Stu thinks the walls are coming up a bit yellow, but he said the same thing of the benchtops which were installed over the weekend, which I think look pretty good.

taken with my phone so not the best quality

looking very long from this angle
dining looking through to kitchen

Loving the light streaming into the living room

Before Stuart left the house, he saw the tiles being delivered. I have no idea when they will start to be laid, but probably won't take too long as we don't have a lot of tiled area.
We are hoping that the electrical fit out will start this weekend.

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