Sunday, 12 August 2012

Electrical fit out started

The painting is going well despite only one person doing it all. The ceilings are now all finished and hopefully the interior will all be done by the end of this coming week, our painter will have someone working with him this week which will help speed things up.
The tiler has started and seems to be going pretty quick. He thinks he will be done by the end of Tuesday at the very latest. We couldn't quite put the feature tile where I had pictured it, but I think it should still look pretty good.
Most shelving for my walk in pantry has now been installed, as has the shelves above the fridge cavity. The handles have also been installed and I think they have come up pretty good!  Only waiting for the final shelves and the bench top in the pantry and the cupboard doors for the powder room then all cabinetry will be complete.
Electrical fit out started yesterday. Stuart worked along with our electrician, by doing some mounting of the lights which the electrician then connected. In a few hours they managed to do 11 lights completely. Stuart then went on later to mount 3 more, but these ones still require connection.        

ensuite - the line in the shower is for the feature tile

WIP shelving. Another wall unit for left  side still to come

lights in the passage

bathroom tiling

kitchen with upstand, handles and one pendant
So this week tiling, internal painting, A/C fit off all to be completed, and hopefully a bit more electrical fit off too. Builder believes that handover should happen on the 31st August.


  1. It is fantastic, was so pleased to see it today. Your blog descriptions are excllent, but seeing it in real life makes such a difference

  2. It's all starting to look like a home Louise.Nice color.

    1. Thanks Jeff. Looking forward to seeing yours soon

  3. Is that a walk in shower?? Jealous!!! The pictures look really good - it will be beautiful when its complete :) x

    1. Thanks Sally. It's not a walk in shower, and the house is actually complete now! Check out the last entry for completion photos