Monday, 27 August 2012

4 more sleeps

It's been pretty busy at the house. The weekend saw the carpenter back, fixing cupboards, installing towel rails and toilet holders and so on, also the plasterer kept popping in and out to fix things.
Today our carpet was installed - and looks pretty good too - along with more internal carpentry and the flyscreens are now on as well.
Tomorrow the electricians will finish their part and the floor will receive it's final polish and buff - providing the polisher turns up - and the house clean is set for Wednesday, I can't wait to see it after this.
Curtains and blinds are supposed to be coming some time in the next few days as well.
It is looking very much like a house now which is pretty good seeing as we move in soon.

Freya's bedroom

contrast with the polished concrete floor

craft room/study nook

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