Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Busy busy busy

So much is happening it's all so very exciting.
The panel lift door did get installed on Saturday. At first the colour choice seemed wrong, but after getting used to it,  I think we have done the right thing.
Yesterday the tiler finished- at last- and the plumbers began their fit out. They got lots in, although there was a slight mishap with the kitchen tap - which is now sorted, and the ensuite toilet of course couldn't go in due to the tiles just being laid. They will be back on Thursday to finish up. I so want to run a tap, but don't want to waste any of our precious water.
The electricians were back again today, and have been fitting off the pre mounted lights and also lots of the power points. Also today the door handles have been put on, the shower screens installed and the remaining shelving for the WIP is also up.
I forgot to check the external painting, it's so easy to get distracted looking at what has been done!
Still no sign of the AC people hopefully they turn up soon. Electrical will be continuing on tomorrow, windows to be washed Friday, and carpet due to be laid on Monday. So so close now...

Bathroom shower



Garage door


  1. Love all the pantry shelves, it all looks great, enjoy this exciting part of building your own home you have worked hard for it and earned it

  2. What's going on with the walls in that pantry?

    1. Our house is not straight - it has a kink, so as a result the pantry and craft rooms have odd shapes, I quite like it.