Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Concrete floor polished at long last!

Yesterday the polishing of the floor was finished. I had assumed that was it for the floor so was all excited to go and see a shiny beautiful floor done. I was so disappointed to turn up and see that it was filthy, and worst of all the cracks are still visible. They aren't 'cracks' any longer as they have been filled, but you can still see where the cracks were. It's probably something that will only stand out to me, well hopefully anyway! Even worse - a new crack has appeared that runs from the outer dining wall all the way across the room to the corner of the living room. Bummer.
I went back this morning to take some photos as yesterday afternoon the polisher was still finishing up, and am much happier with it today. Amazing what a nights sleep can do!

Rumpus room with cupboard on left looking towards passage
Kitchen/Dining standing at hallway door
Kitchen, dining and living standing at WIP door
Kitchen/dining from master bedroom door

Living room to kitchen, air lock door to right
Close up of kitchen floor
crack in hallway
crack near master bedroom
Strange 'X' shape in living room 

The final coating of the sealer will happen when the floor gets buffed, which won't happen until after the professional cleaners go through, so not until just before handover! Such a long time to wait. I was very pleased to hear from the polisher that he has used an eco product to seal the floor though. We had mentioned this to him back when he did the original grinding before frameworks started, and he gave me the impression then that it wasn't really doable, so a very nice surprise to hear that he managed it after all.
Stu met with the septic man to discuss placement and so on today. Works are supposed to start this Thursday. I dread to think of the mess they are going to make to the remainder of the block.


  1. It looks really nice, I love the finish. Do you just have to live with the cracks? That doesn'tsem right since you have told them from the start thatnyou noticed them.
    But maybe when you get furniture inthey wont be so noticeable

    1. No one can guarantee that concrete won't crack. When we discussed having it we knew it was a risk. Hopefully that's it and we don't get any more over the years.

  2. It looks so great! I love polished concrete!

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  4. That is very nice work! I too love polished concrete. One thing that I love about your project is the use of eco-friendly products for the process. Now having a good looking floor wouldn't cause much damage to the environment. Thanks for the share!

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