Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Drainage Done!!

On Monday the plumbers turned up and got heaps done. The downpipes are finished, and there are signs that the drainage has been completed. The tanks are now in place and even appear to be connected! Finally! As we predicted, it hasn't rained much at all since then, just a few odd showers, typical.
As far as I am aware the concrete polisher hasn't shown up yet to complete his job, and of course nothing much can progress now without him doing it.
The photos aren't flash, they are just from my phone.

Winter morning sun lighting up our bedroom

Looks to me like our tanks are connected..

An idea of the numerous track marks
We have been looking into door stops of all things as I noticed a box of horrible ones sitting in the master bedroom. Seems so stupid to upgrade door stops - but likewise seems pretty stupid to spend all this money on a house and put ugly things in there.


  1. Stupid to upgrade door stops?? Never! IMO if you are going to be making a hole for something, do it right the first time.

    Hope you get some rain soon! Your property looks amazing! Sooooo jealous!

  2. You are quite right, it is your new home, why not have it as you want it, ugly doorstops could spoil it for you, so get nice ones

  3. Went and bought new door stops today. Nothing fancy, but I'm a LOT happier with them :D

  4. Good, you wont be sorry