Friday, 13 July 2012

A nice surprise

Septic got installed yesterday, and there have been a few issues regarding getting enough water into the tank in order to stop it from 'floating up'. Stu put 400 litres in last night, and today the plumbers have attached a hose from our water tanks to feed direct to the septic. Nice that the septic is sorted, but not really happy that our tanks won't be gaining from any rainfall we get. I'm probably the only person around here that is hoping for a lot of rain in the next few weeks.
I did get a nice surprise going in the house. I had expected lots more fit out to be completed. That hasn't progressed (although when I went back this afternoon to get some photos, the fit out man had started working and was still there when I left). However, some of the cabinets have been installed already!
We now have the bathroom cabinets, the laundry cabinets - except for some doors, and we also have the bookcase installed. Pretty exciting stuff.

The bookcase


Powder room. VERY concerned with the proximity of the toilet plumbing


Girls bathroom


  1. I love your bookcase! I like how the shelves are divided. Is it all for books?

    Oooh that loo plumbing is a smidge close to the cupboard .... yikes! Otherwise, its all looking lovely. Are you pleased with the colours?

    1. Looking forward to arranging my books in the bookcase, I will probably put something other than books on the top shelf, and may scatter some things throughout, will have to have a play.

      As for the toilet, very interested to see what will happen with that....there's always something!

  2. Love your colours. Cant wait to see it all properly. I have been waiting for the rain for you, it must be so disappointing not to be able to keep it in the tanks