Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bricks on site

The first load of bricks were delivered yesterday and the rest are due to come after the brickwork starts.
Electricians ended up working all day yesterday and half of today as well, took a bit longer then we expected.
Stu has almost finished installing the wall insulation but due to the nice weather forecast for tomorrow he will probably get back on the kanga and dig the pit for the electrical cable to run from the garage to the shed, if it gets left much longer I doubt it could get done until next Summer with how boggy it is out there.
So Thursday together we will be doing the roof insulation. I had hoped that all the insulation would be done by then so we could take advantage of our child free day and go to Melbourne and check out some lighting shops, but not to be.
KB cleaned up the mess today (so my floor looks nice and clean again after all the mess from the various tradies, was strange seeing it dirty after always seeing it clean) and they finished installing the roof battens. They have also changed the book shelf/wall and it looks great now, much better being wider and higher.

Exciting to see some bricks arrive (18 pallets)

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