Thursday, 17 May 2012

Odds and Sods

The plasterer has been delayed until Monday now, which is probably just as well as Stu still hasn't quite finished the wall insulation (between some of the rooms as a soundproofing measure), despite the fact he has been there every evening this week.
We had some doors put on yesterday which was pretty exciting until I realised that the wrong front door had been put on. It's the right style, but has been primed for painting rather then being a wood ready for varnishing. KB have told me they will change it later on, which Freya is upset about as she likes the door being aqua. The laundry door is also on, and the internal door into the garage as well.
We were contacted by Beaumonts yesterday, giving us the news that the carpet we wanted is no longer available. I asked if we could find something similar, and today Karen got back to me telling me they had managed to find a roll in Sydney that will do our house. It then got a bit strange as she told me despite the price not changing since we did the selections, it was now going to cost me more. I queried this, and spoke to Ian at KB who contacted Karen then got back to me within 10 minutes assuring me that we were not being charged more and were still within our budget.
The other thing that came up is that Stu discovered one of the windows had these strange little beads between the two glass panes. So I took some pics and forwarded to the window company, who agreed immediately that it was faulty and have ordered a replacement.
The plumbers have also been back, doing some more fitting off, and the carpenters have done some bracing to my book shelf/wall, and have now attached it to the floor.
So although not much has changed at the house, there has still been quite a bit happening.

The faulty window

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