Sunday, 30 September 2012

Settling in..

Apologies for the long delay in posting, and thanks to you for still regularly checking to see if I have updated yet. The unpacking was actually completed relatively quickly - it was done in less then 4 days, but what with our holiday, Frey's birthday and lack of internet connection at the house, it's just been very busy and a bit too hard to update any sooner.
Due to the government deciding to dramatically cut back solar power feed in tariffs, our hand was forced to get our 4kw system now rather then waiting a bit longer, so we scrambled to get that done and had it installed 2 weeks ago, just waiting for the paperwork to get finalised so we can start reaping the benefits. It's good that we had already done all the research and knew what we were getting and where we were getting it from, that saved us lots of time.
Stuart has started spreading out some of the dirt piles but there is still an awful lot to be done. Every time it dries out a little we get a downpour again which isn't helping matters. The 'lake' out the front of our window just keeps growing and growing.
The garage is finally cleaned out enough to fit both cars in, and we have even started organising the big shed, by building shelves and so on.
We finally got the home phone connected this week to....still to get internet yet though.
Anyway time for some more pics.

Dining furnished, lots of space


back of the 3/4 book case wall

master with a water view..



bookcase filled, I have plans for that top shelf..

powder room with mirror

new solar PV system

front view

the 'boardwalk' to the front door. So much for having
the path done before we moved in!


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