Monday, 10 December 2012

Slowly getting there

So much has been happening and with no internet still at home posting on here is very hard.
The front yard is starting to look great, the big dirt piles in front of our bedroom window are gone, and only yesterday I moved the pallet of bricks away from the house too.
There is still an unsightly pile of wood and pallets (which were our 'boardwalk' pathway) which we hope to burn off this week, as well as a pile of broken pieces of blocks which are to be removed hopefully tomorrow, then we just need to do a bit more levelling and wait for the grass to We still have to order the stones for between our new pathway and the house too, we have chosen them at least though.
Stu also spent many hours slashing and whipper snipping the entire block the last few weeks as we received a notice from the council. It's all looking pretty darn good now I think anyway!

No dirt pile or pallet of bricks!!

pallets and brick soon to be gone..

close up of the path

the path, end not done yet as we will be extending the
driveway a little more

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