Friday, 27 April 2012

Busy week..

So much has happened at the site the last few days. The roofers have been busy with half the house done and all the gutters and fascia finished, the window company have also been and have installed most frames and some glazing, and the wrapping has started as well. Freya was very concerned that this was how blue our house was going to look. Some of the eaves have also been lined with cement sheeting.

Extra long sheeting for the raked ceiling in the foreground

Back of the house

Very muddy on site with all the deliveries, workers and rain lately
Next week should see the roof finished, house wrapped, windows done, electrical started, data started and insulation installed too. Also the garage and shed floor were pressure cleaned on Wednesday so they can get sealed, but it's taken days to dry, hopefully a coat of the sealer is going on tomorrow, and then the second coat on Monday.

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