Sunday, 15 April 2012

House & Shed

The frame is progressing along with some bracing completed as well now. Very happy to see on Friday that the floor polisher had returned and the drying cupboard and the area in the kitchen that had been missed have now been done. They also appear to be coated with something already too.
Found out that we can change our oven selection, so really need to get on to that, and we chose the colour for the fascia - Shoji White. It's a pretty good match to our window frames.
This weekend we had an open day at home so didn't get to the block until the afternoon. We managed together to complete one of the sliding doors, although hanging it will prove a challenge and we will need some extra bodies to help. We have managed to find someone to quote us on the roof completion, and someone else will be getting back to us with a price tomorrow, both can start this week which will be great.
Today Stu spent some time on the kanga finally filling in all the trenches, it looks heaps better. Can't wait to see the remaining dirt piles also spread out.
The roof trusses are supposed to arrive at 7:00am tomorrow morning, and we have a meeting with Glen again on Tuesday.

Overall view from front gate. Looking so much better with the trenches filled in

The next area that needs to be worked on, flattened out so we can get rock
on it to make turning on the driveway easier and provide access to the garage.

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