Thursday, 5 April 2012

We've been framed!

So exciting to see the whole house (minus a couple of small internal walls) standing now.
Our meeting last night went pretty well. We worked out size and placement of the shower niches, and I also requested the master bedroom window move a little. The powder room is now going to be polished concrete at no extra charge too! The 3/4 wall in the living room is yet to be assembled, and they won't attach that to the slab until we have given our approval as we don't want extra holes in our flooring if it gets put in the wrong place!
We also discussed what we should do about the support pole in the alfresco. The draftsman had stated it would be treated timber, but we have decided to box it with cement sheeting and paint it.
I'm spinning out at how large our windows are going to be but as Stu said, I do want a house filled with natural light. Speaking of light I have been spending ages on the internet researching lights for the breakfast bar. It doesn't look like these will be able to be LED as I only found very basic LED pendants and they were ugly and expensive.
Trusses will be arriving later next week, it really is all happening now! So glad our frame is up in time for Easter - and it's turned out to be a wedding anniversary gift too!

Looking West

Front view...shame about the other houses! lol

Looking East

Looking through the living room windows


  1. Very Nice, taking shape now - who's the powder room for?

    1. Thanks Ash. Powder room is for guests and the girls use