Saturday, 21 April 2012

Progressing still...

Half of the shed roof has been completed! Hooray! They only worked for a half day which is such a shame, had they worked all day it would be finished, and the day was perfect for it. Clear, warm and no wind. The weather forecast from tomorrow onwards of course involves rain, so I just don't know that the shed will get completed at the start of the week as is the plumbers intention. Stu was out there today, and with Matt's help managed to hang one of the large sliding doors. He then started the frame for the next one.

nearly there..

The house is looking great too. Majority of the bracing has been removed so we can now walk freely through the rooms which gives us more of an idea of size as well.

Looking down the hallway to the kitchen/dining

Taken from the corner of the WIP, across the living area

The small 3/4 wall/bookcase, yet to be resized

Small verandah at the laundry door

Can't even tell that only one half of the shed roof is on!

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