Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Trusses are up

Wow it looks like a house now! so exciting to see the trusses up and see the shape and size of our raked ceiling.

Looking up from the garage

South side of the house looks good too!

From the master looking down

Front of the house. REALLY need to get rid of that dirt pile for my photos!!
Our meeting went well tonight, no issues at all. Timbercrete may be arriving at the block this week; fascia, guttering and windows all expected next week, and the roof predicted to be on by the end of the week after (4th May).
We have also organised a plumber to come out Thursday/Friday of this week to complete the roof and guttering of the shed. This means all we will have to do for it is make the other sliding door, then hang them both. So all going well, the shed could actually be completed this weekend - providing nothing goes wrong and we can get some help to manhandle the doors into position.

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