Thursday, 29 March 2012

Action on site

So good to see something happening out there again. The timber for the frames has been delivered and the pencil marks for the walls is in the process of being completed now. Exciting seeing our rooms take shape and where the walls will be.
Our site foreman who was busy marking all the lines while I was there said they will start forming things tomorrow and the frame itself should start going up on Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.
Stu did manage to get to the block on Sunday and completed the garage door, and the panel next to and above it. He plans to spend a bit of time out there again this weekend.

Taken a couple of days ago before the marking out started.
The polisher hasn't managed to come out yet to fix the red problems, track marks and the two areas he went a little short on and didn't do properly - the airing cupboard floor and the angled wall in the dining room. Hopefully that gets done soon as it will be easier doing that without walls in the way.

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