Monday, 12 March 2012

House Plans

Well not much has been happening with the block, as we have been concentrating our efforts on our current home in preparation for selling, so I thought this was a good opportunity to share the house plans.

Floor Plan, the East window in the Master Bedroom has since been removed

Some basic modelling done early on, Master Bedroom to the left

More basic modelling looking up from the garage, window sizes and types will be different to this 

The house will be built from Timbercrete blocks, sandstone in colour which are 385 x 185 x 100mm
Roof and gutter will be colorbond Jasper
Downpipes and Garage door will be colorbond Paperbark
Fascia will be powder coated ivory to match our UPVC window frames
Front door will be stained wood


  1. The house plans look nice guys.

    1. Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing your too :D

  2. My suggestion is find a house you like and then modify the kitchen to your liking. Plenty of home supply stores will design you a new kitchen free of charge based on the floor plan so don't let a simple kitchen layout deter you from a house plan you really like.

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