Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Polishing Begins

Concrete polishing finally began today. They had two machines going, and I met Glen from KB there to check out the progress this afternoon. Colour wise it's really hard to see as yet how it's going to turn out, but it was exciting to see some of the stone aggregate.
We have decided to return the air lock entry to polished concrete for a minimal extra charge, we originally had it polished, but had changed it to tiles to save some cash. I'm glad it's back to polished, it will look a lot better. The polishers are hoping to have the job done by the weekend too, so a bit quicker than expected.

Water poured on it to give us some idea of how the colour will look

The machines that do the work with the half finished shed in the background, the second machine actually has someone using it, you just can't see him behind it due to its size!

The electricians came out earlier in the week and did their bit, pretty exciting to see a Meter box there now. Fingers crossed that SP Ausnet do their bit as planned tomorrow.  Stu now has to fill the trench in. Poor shed, wonder when it will ever get done.

Meter box!

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