Sunday, 25 March 2012

Actually polishing NOT finished!!

We had our meeting with Glen from KB last Thursday (oops sorry about the slackness in updating), and I pointed out a few things with the concrete that I wasn't that happy with. Their were several areas that are a dark red looking colour, and also some marks that looked kind of like tracks in the dining room. Glen agreed that it didn't look very good and said he would chase it up with the polisher.
I got a call first thing the next morning. The reason there were red marks is because the grinder wasn't as sharp so wasn't grinding as well, and he needs to come back and fix it. Glen told him to come back at the start of this week and to also do a bit more grinding at the track mark spot. Apparently the polisher said it was one of the best looking concretes he had seen. He also told Glen that the crack hasn't been grouted yet - that won't happen until the final sealing and buffing after plaster is up - and he is confident that once this is done it will barely be seen. Hope so.
The frame is set to get started on Thursday. The delay is due to the site foreman not being available until then.
Meanwhile our house is set to be listed for sale this week! Stu has gotten hold of a generator and had hoped to spend time on the shed today, but hasn't managed to get out there yet due to doing the lawn and so on here.


  1. Guess the timbercrete won't be too far away? Love the polished concrete. Looking forward to seeing the real thing when complete. Marnie

    1. Do you know something I don't know Marnie??? We can't wait to see it either. Also looking forward to seeing yours :D