Thursday, 16 February 2012


The boxing is in place and so is the preliminary plumbing. I gave Freya a 'virtual' tour this afternoon she was pretty excited, and wanted to move in now!

Freya exploring the house

The polystyrene for the slab insulation and the reo have arrived now as well.
The shed is boxed, lined and has the reo in place, we are expecting that slab to happen around the same time as the house, as KB Living (our builders) will be doing that for us as well.
Stu plans on doing the power trenching and also has to put the conduit for the electricals in before the slab is poured, so looks like he will have a busy weekend.

The shed

Today I changed the colour we had selected for the benchtop in the laundry, we changed it as a friend had advised me she had originally chosen the same colour we had when she built, but it was one that scratched and marked easily. A very good reason to share colour selections with people you know! I picked up some colour samples to match our floor tile and carpet too, as they didn't turn out well in the photos I took. The only thing not selected is the splashback tiles for the kitchen - I want to wait and see how the floor turns out once polished before I choose these.

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