Friday, 3 February 2012

The Lead Up

Our intention is to build in as an environmentally friendly way as possible.  We purchased our 2 acre block back in March 2011. We have designed our house with the assistance of a draftsman and decided to build it from Timbercrete; a more environmentally friendly option than bricks.
Stu has spent hours on the kanga preparing the driveway, and early in January we had 92 tonnes of recycled concrete delivered and spread out.
The latest news is that excavation should be starting this coming Monday. However, we also just found out that necessary works to our transformer for us to have power has been delayed a further 2 months, until April. It seems whenever you get some good news, something bad has to happen to balance it out.
As we have opted for polished concrete for our slab also incorporating some flyash, our slab requires longer to cure than the average slab does, so the lack of power will probably not become an issue until March some stage.

The driveway after the concrete rocks were delivered. The pipes to the right have since been installed across the driveway to assist with drainage.

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