Sunday, 26 February 2012

Slab Worries

A crack has appeared in the slab - part that is planned to be polished of course. I am hoping it's just a surface crack that will be removed in the grinding and polishing phase but I really don't know.

This is just part of it, it runs almost the whole way across the house
That's not all either. I have been out several times, in different lights to check, and it looks like the wrong colour has been poured. The tones are just far too yellow, which you can see clearly now it has dried out. Looks to us like we have been given 'Golden Plains' rather than 'Pompeii'. Pretty expensive and irreversible mistake.

Bright light - Golden Plains, then Pompeii sample

Overcast - Golden Plains & Pompeii
The match is so good with Golden Plains, they better not try to fob me off with it just being a 'variation of the tone'. Please let me know which colour you think is the better match.


  1. I think Golden Plains is the matching colour.

  2. Looks like the one on the left - golden plains?

    1. Thanks it's nice to see I'm not the only one thinking the colour is wrong

  3. I envy you people who can see the difference in those colours :P