Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Slab

The builders were there bright and early this morning,  I got a message with a photo shortly before 7am telling me that 3 loads of concrete had already been poured for the shed.

Photo taken by Glen from KB Living. I just love how great our builders are with communication
We called in to the block before school drop off to see the shed, master bedroom and garage had all been done.

The shed

The boys hard at work doing  some of the plain concrete areas

I popped back in about half an hour later after a heads up from Glen that they were pouring the coloured concrete. Currently the colour isn't that exciting, it's called 'Pompeii' and is a pale brown. You can't see the nice stones we have selected to be in it, and it should darken considerably once it is dried and polished, so it's still no real indication yet of what the flooring will look like.

Taken from the garage/girls bathroom corner, doing the coloured  concrete
Luckily the rain didn't start until after they were finished pouring. I've returned a few times today to try and get a picture of the whole house but every time I turn up it starts bucketing down again. I can't wait to have a walk on it!

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