Saturday, 4 February 2012

Some Good News :D

We found out yesterday afternoon that power will now be connected in early March, which is great news, and perfect timing for us. Fingers crossed that we experience no more delays and it does get done in time.
A quick visit to the block today showed that the excavator has arrived and so has a porta-loo! There is some basic pegging out as well. We are very lucky in that the excavator has agreed to clear out the spot for our shed whilst he is doing the house site, and we aren't being charged any extra.
To save some more costs, we are going to build the shed ourselves. It has been ordered and we expect it to arrive in another week or so. Stu will be taking time off work to get this up, I can't wait until it is done and we can attach a tank to it so I can plant some fruit trees in the back yard, and some other plants along our driveway.
Our aim is to revegetate the front acre with native plants indigenous to our area, and hopefully provide homes for some native wildlife. So far we have planted 2 endangered Strzelecki Gums, and there is one Messmate as well. Stu and I both got quite excited about a month ago when we spied some bracken growing on the block. I cannot believe that one Bracken plant made us so happy, but its so great to see that nature is taking a helping hand in our reveg plans.

Freya & I planting our first Strzelecki Gum back in August

Tomorrow Stu is hoping to do some more work on the drain by the driveway. The next step after that is beginning the trench for the power cables.

Our driveway before rocks, you can see why we needed so much

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