Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Shed progress

The shed is coming along quite well, especially considering the rain we have had over the last few days. Luckily Stu has had Davey helping him out quite a bit, and also had the assistance of Matt and Alan at different stages.

Progress shortly before 11:00am this morning

The pitch of the roof is like that for the solar panels. This way they can go straight on and will be positioned at the optimum angle.

Concrete colour update
The concrete company are certain that the correct colour was supplied for our slab. Apparently the edges of the slab (where I did the colour comparison) is often a different shade to what the slab will look like in the middle and once ground down. So hopefully all will be OK. The concrete polishing is going to occur next week, not sure yet of what day it will actually start.
Our builders have spoken to the polisher and hopefully the crack that is there will not be a problem. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any bigger, or any more happen.

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