Friday, 10 February 2012

Footings are dug

The excavation is almost complete, all that remains is a bit more scraping to the garage. All the footings have been dug, and providing the weather stays kind to us and we don't get too much rain (which may not be likely as I just heard thunder begin) then the builders are planning on getting the footings poured tomorrow! Yep our builders are working on a Saturday for us. How's that for service!
We can now see how the house is going to be situated on the block, and the boxing for the slab will begin next week.

Standing at the corner of the garage looking towards the house. You can see some of the many footing holes

We found out this week that the slab doesn't need quite as long as we thought to cure - polishing can take place after 2 weeks, then frameworks can begin after that. It's all happening now :)

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