Friday, 24 February 2012

Completed slab

Unfortunately the steady rain we experienced on Tuesday after the slabs were poured has done some damage to our slabs. It is only really an issue for the garage and shed slab, which have gone quite chalky and will need to be ground down.
Our shed parts have arrived and Stu is out there working on getting it up as soon as possible, if you find yourself with a spare hour or two over the next week, please feel free to pop to the block and give him a hand!

Beginning of the shed build
The coloured concrete part of the slab is quite noticeable to the grey, just not quite sure it is the colour we expected. I still have the samples we chose the colour from so will be taking them to the block later on today to compare how well they match.

View from the master bedroom end. The colour division is pretty easy to spot
It's going to look quite interesting once it has been polished up, which will probably be later next week. The rooms we are having polished concrete flooring are the lounge, dining, kitchen, walk in pantry, hallway and rumpus.

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